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Radical Library in Colorado Has Technology!

Anythink Libraries, a rebooted seven-branch system out of Colorado, is getting some press for offering digital studios, 3-D printers, photography labs, and a cafe. They had a seminar at SxSW Interactive where they applied temporary tattoos with what is an admittedly a great tag line: “Not the same old shhhh”.

I tend to think that the Annoyed Librarian is a little TOO annoyed most of the time. You don’t HAVE to bring so much snark to everything, ya know? But on this point, I have to agree with her. This is a clip from The Denver Post.

Gone are overdue book fines. Out went the Dewey Decimal System in favor of WordThink, where books are categorized by subject instead of numbers. Even the layout was different with libraries looking more like bookstores.

via Rethink the library: Next gen becomes resource for tech, entrepreneurs – The Denver Post.

This is where Jon Stewart looks directly into the camera and says, “So the Dewey Decimal System didn’t have anything to do with subject?”

This really IS an absurd sentence, Annoyed Librarian. I am all about radical ideas, but this seems to be more of the same old shhhhhh about busting stereotypes of librarians and libraries. That has been done and it is time to move on!

Anythink does sound like an exciting library experience, though. And they went from one of the worst funded library systems in the state to cutting-edge in a decade. That is certainly something to be proud of. They brand themselves as a destination for entertainment and education. And why should a library not brand it self in this way? I will definitely be following their progress.

My annoyance surely has nothing to do with the fact that lots of fun library things are happening down the street from me and I can’t go because I can’t afford it, right?

Oh SxSW, why are you SO expensive?!