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In space, no one can hear you claim copyright

I doubt I will get very personal on this blog. I have other social media for that, really. This space is reserved for my library and information obsession… and I will attempt to keep it pretty professional. But I am almost as geeky for space as I am for information and libraries. When those two worlds collide… well, it makes me very happy.

SpaceX, the first privately funded company to launch and return a craft to Earth successfully, owned by Elon Musk of Paypal and Tesla Motor fame, might have agreed to release the photos they take in space into the public domain, following NASA’s lead. So far their photos have been released under Creative Commons. Until now? It looks like there has been pressure from TechDirt and others on Mr. Musk to release them into the public domain.

This image has been floating all over Twitter today. Part of me wonders if this is true. Think what you will about social media, it is pretty powerful. This is awesome!

Being able to freely share all of the NASA and Hubble photos is extremely important. Seeing the vastness of space… even being given the opportunity to ponder it, can shape the way we think of ourselves and humanity. Perhaps SpaceX will take the next pale blue dot image? We can only hope. I leave you with words from one of my favorite people of all time: Mr. Carl Sagan.