TeamHarpy Lawsuit

I am just getting caught up on the lawsuit between Joe Murphy, nina de jesus, and Lisa Rabey. This is a far cry from the news I regularly consume from libraryland. If you, too, are late to this, you can read more about the suit and today’s retractions here.

I find the whole thing very sad. I feel bad for all parties since they will all be tainted with this for a long time to come. I don’t claim to know who is right in this situation. As a woman, I understand that sexual harassment is a very real problem and I will always applaud those who will speak out against it. But I would hate to think that an innocent person was made the figurehead for such an unfortunate and larger issue.

I scrolled through #teamharpy on Twitter and it turned my stomach. Those women are being called all kinds of names and fighting off trolls. So much anger and hatred flying around. All are punished.

My biggest fear is that this will keep future victims of sexual harassment from speaking out for fear of being shut down. I hope they all may move on with their lives being more informed.