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Public Libraries and Controversial Science

The public library should not shy away from such controversial scientific topics like the anti-vaccination movement. After all, we are in an excellent position to provide people with accurate information. The Hartford Public Library chooses to embrace these controversies and play their role!

In an effort to bring science into every day conversation, the Connecticut Science Center and Hartford Public Library present an ongoing series of facilitated lunchtime discussions in Downtown Hartford. “Beyond the Podium: Lunchtime Science Conversations” explores science issues that are currently part of a national dialogue including stem cell research, the vaccination controversy, environmental issues and how the brain works in the technological age.

via Connecticut Science Center, Hartford Public Library Partner to Increase Engagement in Scientific Conversation, Inquiry – Hartford Courant.

I love this! In a world where science denial is such a polarizing issue, public libraries can help¬†establish fact from fiction. It is, after all, a big part of what we do… helping patrons to learn by connecting them to the best information possible. Wow… what a radical idea.

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