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Upcoming ILS webcast from American Libraries

My goodness, I am such a nerd. Past midnight last night I was up late reading about Z39.50 and Dublin Core for the Public Library User Experience MOOC I am participating in. This morning I am up early reading articles about UX. And today is my birthday.

Never having worked with the technical aspects of ILS systems I have found this week’s module on library technology very interesting. It is extremely basic, but that works for me. Then I found this upcoming free webcast from American Libraries about Integrated Library Systems by automation expert Marshall Breeding. I have been exploring his website a lot lately looking at ILS system usage by library for the MOOC. I have been reading his site’s RSS for quite some time but now perhaps it will be more meaningful for me.

Are you the person tasked with planning for, upgrading, or monitoring performance for your library’s integrated library systems?  Mark your calendar to check out an upcoming American Libraries Live webcast,  “Integrated Library Systems”, May 14 at 1:00pm Central time.

Long-time library automation expert Marshall Breeding will lead a panel discussing what’s new and hot in the library automation industry.  Breeding is the creator and editor of Library Technology Guides on, authored the annual system reports for Library Journal for many years, and is a regular contributor on technology topics for American Libraries magazine.

This latest installment of American Libraries Live webcasts is free, and you can pre-register here to get an email reminder, or just go to at the time of the live webcast to view the event.

via Integrated Library Systems Are Topic of Next American Libraries Live Webcast | Library Developments.