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Library becomes focal point for items scattered by floodwaters

Proud to know and work with these Texas librarians! This is what I call “find a hole and fill it.”

via Library becomes focal point for items scattered by floodwaters.

WIMBERLEY, Texas – The Wimberley Public Library has set aside a room for the sole purpose of drying out flood-soaked photos found by citizens in debris all over the area.

Since Monday citizens have brought in hundreds of photographs they found scattered by floodwaters which pounded the area this weekend.

Good Samaritans who have brought the pictures to the library have no idea who they belong to.

“Bringing people their mementos back is an important, small thing we can do to help people get their lives back and these are irreplaceable. You can get a new bed or a new TV, but these kinds of things you don’t have any more,” said Susan Nenney, a Wimberley resident who brought in a pile of pictures she found near an area known as Little Arkansas.

There are old black and white photos, a violin in its case, jewelry, paintings and even saw a sculpture.

The items will be kept at the Wimberley Library until their rightful owners come by to pick them up.

KVUE has also learned that experts with the University of Texas are planning to visit Wimberley soon to teach flood victims how to best salvage their flood-damaged photographs.

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