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#PictureBook Review: Wait by Antoinette Portis

WaitWait by Antoinette Portis

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Three words. Portis uses three words over the course of 32 pages to tell a beautiful, familiar story that will be more meaningful for parents and caregivers than for children.

Trying to get much done while out and about with your children can be difficult, as most parents know. We rush them about while we try to get all the things done. Children don’t understand time and to do lists. They soak up everything around them and so move much more slowly than we do. They remind us to see past the lists and enjoy our surroundings. And Portis reminds us to let them using three words and lovely illustrations.

The story follows a boy and his mother as they run about town running errands. The mother is looking at her watch while the boy notices a dog, waves to people in the street, and feeds a duck. Their day is filled with hurrying from place to place and then waiting. The little boy is watching a butterfly when it begins to rain and his mother is trying to drag her son to the train so they don’t get soaked. After a series of increasingly urgent “Hurries!” he stops her (Wait!) just before they get on the train to show her the rainbow over the city.

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She picks up her son, they both look up, and she says, “Yes. Wait.”

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Beautiful. Portis dedicates the book to her mother “who waited”. I know I waited more after reading this story with my kiddos.

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