The Yarn, A New Bookish Podcast!

ICYMI, Travis Jonker and Colby Sharp recently launched a new podcast closely examining one book from many different angles. In a nod to the hugely popular podcast Serial, each episode looks at an upcoming book from Jennifer Holm called Sunny Side Up from the perspective of the different individuals that worked on the book. They have released the episodes in quick succession, Netflix-style.

Schedule for Season 1 of “The Yarn”:

Aug. 17: Introduction/”This Season on The Yarn”

Aug. 18: Raina Telgemeier (graphic novel expert)

Aug. 19: David Levithan (editor/author)

Aug. 20: Phil Falco (cover designer)

Aug. 21: David Saylor (founder/publisher of the Graphix imprint)

Aug. 22: Lark Pien (cartoonist/colorist)

Aug. 23: Matthew Holm (illustrator)

Aug. 24: Jennifer Holm (author)

It is amazing how many people put so much work into one book. This podcast offers a really great look into the creative process and the publishing industry. Check it out… if you haven’t already!

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