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#PictureBook Review: Float by Daniel Miyares

FloatFloat by Daniel Miyares
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This picture book is stunning!

The front end papers show images about how to make a paper boat. We see a little boy dressed in a bright yellow rain coat and hat run outside to a grey cloudy day with his paper boat. It begins to rain slowly and then comes a downpour giving the boy a nice big puddle for floating his paper boat. But the boat gets swept up in a stream of water along the side of the street and falls into a sewer grate.

A very sad little boy leans over the side of a bridge and watches his soaked paper boat fall into the river. He fishes out the paper and takes it home. A loving father comforts him and helps him to dry off. They make hot cocoa, dry off the paper with a hair dryer, and fold it into an airplane. The little boy runs on to the front porch. The sun is out (the sky is completely yellow) and he tosses his paper plane to float through the air. The back end papers show images about how to fold a paper plane.

This is a wonderful little story of hope and simplicity. The stark contrast of the yellow with the mostly monochrome grey illustrations is simple and beautiful.

If you enjoy Suzy Lee’s picture books such as Shadow and Wave, you will really enjoy the look and story Miyares has created.

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