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#PictureBook Review: Knock Knock: My Dad’s Dream for Me by Daniel Beaty

Knock Knock: My Dad's Dream for MeKnock Knock: My Dad’s Dream for Me by Daniel Beaty
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A heartbreaking story about a boy and his father, loss and hope for the future. Their morning ritual is for the boy to pretend to be asleep when his father goes knock, knock on his door. But then one day, his father doesn’t knock. His father is no longer there to make his scrambled eggs, to show him how to shave, to show him how to dribble a ball… He writes his father a letter asking him to come home “’cause there are things I don’t know…”

Two months later, he gets a reply from his father telling him to “dribble the page with the brilliance of your ballpoint pen.” “Knock knock down the doors that I could not. Knock knock to open new doors to your dreams.”

Author Daniel Beaty’s father was incarcerated when he was three and he recalls how painful it was to visit his father in prison. He realized that many of children he taught were dealing with similar situations and he wanted to offer some hope to those who are forced to grow up fatherless.

Bryan Collier provides beautiful watercolor and collage illustrations to accompany Beaty’s beautiful text. Collier’s Illustrator’s Note is also special:

“These are universal themes that are not bound by race, socioeconomic status, or gender. This book is not just about loss, but also about hope, making healthy choices, and not letting our past define our future.”

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