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Library Social Media Ambassador

I just signed up to be a social media ambassador for my local library, the Austin Public Library. I am interested to see how this program works and if it is effective. Basically they are asking you to help them spread the word about all the services they have to offer as that seems to be the one of the biggest barriers public libraries have.

From the APL Social Media Ambassador page:

Social Media Ambassadors

 The Austin Public Library invites you to participate in extending our reach into the community by becoming a Social Media Ambassador or #APLambassador. Help raise awareness of the Library on social media and at the same time, raise the Library’s awareness of you, its supporter.

Become a Social Media Ambassador

No application is required. Simply sign up to receive #APLambassador emails. The Library is active on several social media platforms. We’re organizing ambassadors across platforms through emails by individual staff members that we’ll send to your inbox. We’ll give you the scoop on Library programs and projects and highlight relevant hashtags. We’ll also update you on the New Central Library opening in November 2016.

What We’re Asking Ambassadors to Do

In addition to reading #APLambassador emails:

Of course, I am huge advocate for my local library and social media user so this isn’t such a stretch for me. I look forward to seeing what all the program entails and if it might be replicated elsewhere. Will report back!