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#PictureBook Review: Pool by JiHyeon Lee

PoolPool by JiHyeon Lee
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

publisher: Chronicle Books

wordless picturebook

A boy walks up to a completely empty pool, full of possibility. Along comes a crowd filling up the pool. He slips into the little room that is left pool, dives down, and swims below all of the people floating on the surface where he meets a girl. Together they swim deeper into the pool seeing strange creatures and plants, some beautiful and some frightening. They swim back up and climb out of the opposite side of the pool, really looking at each other for the first time, fast-friends.

In this wordless story, Lee provides delicate, lightly-pastel pencil illustrations depicting the unexpected adventures our imaginations can provide when called upon. This title is better for an older reader as my 4-year-old didn’t really appreciate what it had to offer.

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