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#PictureBook Review: One Busy Day by Lola Schaefer

One Busy Day: A Story for Big Brothers and SistersOne Busy Day: A Story for Big Brothers and Sisters by Lola M. Schaefer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Publisher: Disney Hyperion

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Little sister Mia will do anything to play with her big brother Spencer… but he is always too busy. We see her go about her day painting, dancing, exploring, and baking. With each new activity she does, big brother seems to be getting more and more interested. He goes from watching from the sidelines to actively playing a part in her grand adventures. For the rest of the day they are busy together fighting off a fire-breathing dragon and sailing away in a pirate ship. The last page shows them curled up togther in a chair fast asleep after their very, very busy day.

The text, illustrations, and design do a marvelous job together in this sweet picture book. When listing the activities Mia does to fill her brotherless time, each sentence is broken up by a page turn. Schaefer’s text, “She explored…” is accompanied by Meserve’s illustration of Mia under a blanket draped over some chairs so it looks like a fort. After a page turn, Schaefer writes, “a deep, dark cave.” To accompany, Meserve has given us a glimpse into Mia’s beautiful imagination and transported us from the blanket fort into a deep, dark cave where she is wearing a helmet with a light shining on some cave drawings.

Here is an example:

2015-12-13 20.33.10

2015-12-13 20.33.23

In the same style of Antoinette Portis’ Not A Box, One Busy Day reminds us that every day items can be so much more to little imaginations, that little siblings can provide big adventures, and that no one is ever too big to join in.

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