Public Libraries

Open Carry in Texas Public Libraries

Here in Texas starting January 1st, licensed gun carriers will be able to carry their handguns openly as long as the gun is secured. They will be prohibited from openly carrying in some places such as schools and private businesses. Personally, I am asking every business that I frequent if they will allow open carry so I can know whether or not I will continue to spend my money there. However, public libraries are public entities that must adhere to this law.

The Texas State Library and Archives has put together a great FAQ on Handguns in Texas Libraries that I wanted to share. Also, the Texas Municipal League has written a paper explaining state law and municipal authority over the regulation of “firearms” (e.g., rifles, shotguns, and handguns) in Texas. And the City of Dallas has put together this short video addressing frequent questions and listing violations of the law.

These resources might help answer many questions we will all have as we adjust to the changes ahead. I am interested to learn how this affects public libraries all over the state.