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#Picture Book Review: Ah Ha! by Jeff Mack

Ah Ha!Ah Ha! by Jeff Mack

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Publisher: Chronicle Books

picture book, easy reader

Dr. Seuss wrote a pretty good book with 50 words. Jeff Mack has done a fantastic job with just two letters! A fight for survival, a frog falls in and out of luck one afternoon at the pond. One moment it appears he is going to be someone’s snack… the dog, the turtle, the alligator, and the flamingo all announce their intentions with an menacing (but not scary) “Ah Ha!”. The next moment, he is jumping to safety screaming “Ahhhh!” and once he is out of harms way relaxing with a sigh of relief “Ahhhh…”. He finally alludes all of them by jumping into a little kid’s jar. But he sneaks out of that (Ah ha!) and back to relax in the pond water again (Ahhhh!)

Although technically a picture book, it would be another great one for the little one just starting to read. The facial expressions of each of the animals make it easy to determine the intention of the limited text. They will get a confidence boost by being able to match vocal inflection to the illustrations.

I love it when text and illustrations pair up beautifully to tell a much bigger story. This is a great example.

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