June Youth Newsletter

This is my article for the June Connecting Texas Libraries Statewide newsletter that I put together every month.

YouthShare: News You Can Use

by Katelyn Patterson

YouthShare Series

I am hoping to have a series of YouthShare sessions in FY2017 because it has been awhile since we have had these. I put together this quick survey to get some feedback and gauge interest. These and other workshops are for you and we value your input. Thank you!

Summer Learning Day

Here is a wonderful video from First Lady Michelle Obama encouraging kids and parents to continue learning throughout the summer. The National Summer Learning Association has declared that July 14th is Summer Learning Day to do just that. Use their resources, such as this video, to talk to your community about the importance of not falling behind and how your library resources and programs and keep kids on track.

SRP Video Promotion

Check out this great video promoting Summer Reading from the San Marcos Public Library. A videographer that works for the city put a series of videos together at no cost to them and they will be sharing them over social media to help promote.

And look at how much fun they are having in this promotional video from Harker Heights! They had a homeschooling group and their high school cheerleaders do some cheers and a talented library clerk helped them put it together.

Please don’t forget to share your pictures, promotional materials, and summer stories with us!

TSLAC Survey for 2017 SRP Manual Format

In 2017, the Texas State Library and Archives Commission will again be providing the Collaborative Summer Library Program‘s Summer Reading manuals to Texas libraries. However, instead of providing it on a DVD, the manual will either be available to your library on a flash drive OR online with a password. Please take a moment to take this survey to let TSLAC know which way you prefer to get your SRP materials.

Next year’s theme is Build a Better World and we have already started collecting ideas on Pinterest.


We are used to dealing with many acronyms as librarians. This one you may not be familiar with. Or perhaps you have been contacted about it? Recently on several youth services listservs and groups there has been a lot of dsicussion about a boy named Aaron Yang and IDDDYSRCC which stands for  I Double Dog Dare You Summer Reading Challenge Contest USA. Apparently Aaron and some of his friends started this challenge when they were in middle school in 2014 and it is still going on. The challenge is to contact public libraries all over the country to try to sign up for their SRP and get them to send prizes. Here is some information that was sent to one of the lists that was said to have come directly from Aaron.


“IDDDYSRCC is a contest, or dare, that was created by 2 middle schoolers in 2014. Now in high school, the dare has continued. The dare has been moved into a contest and there are now 5 people in it. Each year, a king and queen of IDDDYSRCC is chosen. In order to be eligible to be in the contest, members must be first initiated. There will be a test to see the ability of the member’s common sense and credibility. During the contest, the contesters must outnumber the number of the libraries that the king and queen are doing. For example, if I did 5 libraries and the king did 7, I lose. These libraries must not be in California.

How does the point system/rules work?
At the beginning of the contest, each person is to keep a secret on how many libraries that person is doing. Everyone will reveal their secrets at the awards dinner and party. Each member must at least email 2 libraries in each state of USA. This year, Canada is added for more amusement. Here is the point system:

1 point if the state is on the west coast of USA, excluding California.
2 points if state is located in the mountain regions
3 for midwestern states
4 for east coast states
5 for Hawaii, Alaska, or Canada

Additional points:
2 points if you win a prize drawing at a library on the west coast
3 if you win a prize drawing at a library in mountain regions
4 for midwestern area
5 for east coast
6 for Hawaii and Alaska, AND 7 total plus the 5 if library is located in Canada.
10 points automatically if you win the grand prize at a library, counts only if you receive it! 20 for Canada!!!!

Cant cajole a library to mail things? Beg them to mail at least something small, must have library name or address either on the item or envelope,box,package,etc.. and receive 5 points for trying. 5 for USA, 10 for Canada.”


Some librarians are very upset by this because clearly many of us have limited resources and want to serve our immediate population before anything else. Others are trying to be more optimistic saying that we should be encouraging youth to want to use library resources, no matter where they are.

Mostly I wanted to make sure you were all aware of this situation should you be contacted about this. Have you been contacted by any of the participants in IDDDYSRCC? Do you have a policy stating that only individuals with library cards can participate? Would you mail a prize to someone out of state?

Please don’t hesitate to contact me about this if you need any help or guidance.