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#PictureBook Review: Gigantosaurus by Jonny Duddle

GigantosaurusGigantosaurus by Jonny Duddle

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Published: 2014

Dinosaur version of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Dino moms warn little dinos of Gigantosaurus before they go off and play. Little Ankylosaurus keeps tricking the others by screaming and telling them to run and hide from Gigantosaurus. On the edge of the page, there are clues as to what dino is really coming toward them which is fun for little ones to point out. This happens several times and finally the friends are fed up. They don’t believe it when little Ankylosaurus is REALLY warning them of Gigantosaurus. After Gigantosaurus wanders off, the friends think their little buddy Ankylosaurus had been turned into lunch. Luckily, their friend is ok and apologizes for tricking them.

The last two pages of the book gives some information about each of the dinosaurs encountered throughout the story. And I was most happy to see in the back endpapers the disclaimer that Gigantosaurs had been made up for the story BUT that it is very similar to what once was a real dinosaur, the Giganotosaurus.

A pet peeve is when all we are given is Generic Dinosaur. I appreciate it when picture books try to accurately depict a specific genus of dinosaur. There are little curious minds who want to know! 🙂

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