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May #YouthNews

May YouthShare: News You Can Use

by Katelyn Patterson

Save the Date for Showcase!

Please save the date for our annual Central Texas Performer Showcase to be held at the Georgetown Public Library on Friday, November 3rd. Registration to attend will be sent out closer to the event, but mark your calendars so you can see before you hire!

SRP Manual Highlight

For this, our last month of highlights from the SRP manual, I wanted to share a simple bounce rhyme from the Infant chapter of the Early Literacy manual. Bounces are so wonderful for many reasons: caregiver and child interactions, bouncing is fun, and bouncing emphasizes rhythm. This is a great bounce rhyme to always have handy! It is called Dump Truck and can be found on page 33 in the Infant chapter of the Early Literacy manual.

Dump Truck

Dump truck, dump truck, bumpin’ down the road (bounce baby)
Spillin’ gravel as you travel with your heavy load (bounce baby)
Bumpety bumpety bump (bounce baby)
Dump truck, dump truck, dump truck, DUMP! (tip baby over)

Chipotle Reading Rewards

Do you have Chipotle restaurants in your community? Did you know they have a Reading Rewards program? Libraries can apply and will get free kids meal cards sent to them. Food coupons for incentives you can feel a little better about!

Future CSLP Themes

If you know me, you might have an idea of how excited I am about the upcoming CSLP themes. In 2018, the theme will be music with the slogan “Libraries Rock”. And in 2019, the theme will be space to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first man on the moon. It also probably won’t surprise you that I have already started a Pinterest board for both: music and space.


  • The Bank Street College of Education’s Center for Children’s Literature has given their awards. See what won!
  • Karen Jensen has done a lot of research on adding screenprinting to her teen makerspace. Here is what worked for her.
  • National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature Gene Luen Yang announced the Read Without Walls challenge, encouraging readers to explore books about characters who look or live differently than you, topics you haven’t discovered, or formats that you haven’t tried. See the announcement and check out the resources here.
  • Now that so many of us are incorporating play and sensory materials into our children’s areas, here are some Best Practices for Cleaning Play and Learn Spaces.
  • Lego-Infused Literacy
  • Check out these beautiful Build A Better World bookmarks made and being shared by a librarian from Minnesota!

Elizabeth Murphy, youth services librarian at the Austin Public Library, retired at the end of April. We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors! (Katelyn is going to miss you!!)