New Year, New Job

I am thrilled to share that, beginning in January, I will be the youth services librarian at the Yarborough branch of the Austin Public Library. I have a lot of love for this branch! I have been volunteering there weekly for years. I took my children to Miss Elizabeth’s storytimes. And I wrote papers about the community and collection when I was working on my Masters. It is such an honor to get this job. I am so nervous, happy, scared, and excited all at once!

I have loved my time with the Central Texas Library System, especially the last few years as the Youth Services Consultant. Working on the Bots & Books grant getting libraries started with Lego Robotics has been one of the biggest learning experiences in my professional life, not to mention in my career as a librarian. I have also loved my time working on the Summer Reading Program workshop and the big annual Performer Showcase events. Traveling Texas, visiting so many public libraries, has also been a wonderful experience. Just seeing how differently each community handles different issues has been incredibly valuable.

This is a big change for my little family. I have been working from home with sporadic travel as a consultant since my children were born. Transitioning to full-time outside the home work is going to take some getting used to… both for them and for me! Adults are just the worst. Luckily I will be spending a lot of time working with children which will make me feel more at home. 🙂

Once I get into a routine I hope to share all that I am doing on this blog both for posterity and for others that might be interested. I learn so much from other storytime blogs and channels that I have always been eager to give back to the community. And now I feel that I can!