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Kids Create: Sharpie Art

My second Kids Create was about creating art with Sharpies. There are so many different creative ways to use Sharpies, but I focused on mixing Sharpies with isopropyl alcohol to create cool effects on canvas.


I got a couple of packs of 5×7 thin canvas which was the most expensive part of this program.  I already had a ton of Sharpies in different colors. The alcohol was very inexpensive. I also got some plastic pipettes for my branch because I know I will use those again!

This was pretty easy to execute because I wanted them to get creative. I put out the stuff, covered my tables with shower curtain liners again, showed them a couple of my creations to let them know how it works, then told them to create!



My biggest concern about this program was working with permanent markers and very smelly alcohol in a room with no windows and only one exit door for ventilation. I talked to others at my branch about this concern. My solution was to put fans around the room to aid with air circulation and keep the door wide open at all times. This never posed a problem for anyone, but it might have if we hadn’t come up with a way to deal with the fumes. Better safe than sorry!

Here are some of my favorite creations! I particularly like the koi fish and Abe Lincoln!



My instructional signs are available here for download.