Pajama Storytime, May 2018

I started a once-a-month PJ storytime at my branch in March. I had 5 people that first time, 11 the second time, and for my third month I had 25! I am so glad to see this growing so quickly. And from those that I have talked to, these are working parents that seem very grateful to have a program outside of working hours.

Welcome Song: We Clap and Say Hello

Book #1: The Squeaky Door
Image result for the squeaky door picture book

I opened with this one because it was the longest. It is a great silly story with lots of interactive elements. By the end, they were saying all of the repetitive parts along with me. It was great!

Song: Sleeping Bunnies, played with the ukulele
I was inspired by Miss Mary Liberry for this song!

See the little bunnies sleeping till it’s nearly noon.
Come and let us gently wake them with a merry tune.
Oh how still! Are they ill? Wake up soon!

Hop little bunnies! Hop, hop, hop. Hop little bunnies! Hop, hop, hop.
Hop little bunnies! Hop, hop, hop. (slower) Hop little bunnies! Hop, hop, hop.

Birdies… flap
Kitties… stretch

Book #2: Counting Ovejas

Image result for counting ovejas picture book

Flannel and Song: Counting Sheep and 5 in the Bed
We always count out five colorful flannel sheep and talk about the colors. Then we sing 5 in the Bed as I take them away.

Book #3: Bedtime for Chickies

Image result for bedtime for chickies book
Very short, cute, predictable and interactive book to end with. All of the animals end up asleep which is a nice, quiet transition into our closing song to end on a peaceful note.

Closing Songs:
I always wrap up PJ storytime by asking them to close their eyes and think about something fun they did that day… or maybe something they have to look forward to tomorrow. Then I sing two last songs.

Moon Moon Moon with the ukulele

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star