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The Political Librarian, a new open access journal from EveryLibrary

EveryLibrary has announced a new journal called The Political Librarian that will be all about local funding and political issues for libraries. This differs from other disucssions because it is focused on what they call the “hyper-local” level dealing with city tax codes, library boards, and voters instead of federal and national level. The journal will be open access and under non-commercial Creative Commons.

They are currently seeking submissions in three categories:

  • Polemics – Editorial in nature; the first draft of an idea or argument
  •      White Papers – Longer form discussions that may include research
  •      Peer Reviewed – Long form articles that include original research and arguments, and are submitted for review by our Editorial Board

We seek contributions that:

  • Further a discussion of tax policy and public policy at the local level
  • Explore and review ordinances, regulations and legislation, or propose new model language that actuate policy or revenue at a local level
  • Specifically engage disparities in community outcomes based on current funding and authority models for libraries
  • Provide and encourage experiential input about the way that current policy models impact library service delivery and community outcomes
  • Provide and encourage explorations of new, underutilized, or experimental models to address local library funding or authority
  • Provide resources and tactics that libraries can use to educate stakeholders on the essential role of libraries and librarians in their local community.

via Announcing “The Political Librarian”, a New Journal from EveryLibrary | EveryLibrary.